Exhibits Around Town and Beyond

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

*REDKEY REALTY LEADERS IN CHESTERFIELD:  16123 Chesterfield Parkway West, Chesterfield MO. Stop in to see my SOLO ART EXHIBIT (July 15 to Oct 15).

*SAINT LOUIS ARTISTS GUILD: 12 North Jackson Ave, Clayton, MO.   The Membership Exhibition XXXVII opening  Sep 10th to Oct 16th.

*ART ST LOUIS:  1223 Pine Street, St Louis, Mo.   2 entries accepted into exhibit, "Ordinary Lives" , also accepted into "Footprint" opening Sep 25th. 

Prairie Village: Kansas Virtual Exhibit, "State of the Arts".  Accepted "Little Bird Under the Sky".   Opens Oct 4, 2021

Recent Exhibitions and Fairs

*ST LOUIS ART FAIR: In Clayton Mo. on the street: Sep 10, 11, and 12th, 2021- 2019/21 Emerging Artist Class.

*JONES GALLERY: 1717 Walnut, Kansas City, MO June Group Art Show: Two Entries: TarApple Tree and Tar Puppy also in the April and June Group Art Shows. 

*ART ST LOUIS: 1223 Pine Street, St Louis, Mo. Maturity and Its Muse: One Entry, "View From Above" Apr 19 to May 20, 2021 and 2 entries into Ordinary Lives, Opening Aug 8th

*FRAMATIONS: 218 North Main Street, St Charles. MO. Geometric by Design: Four entries, "Beautiful Food", "Christmas Balls", "Cactus" and "Don't Shoot". Dec 11 to Jan 14, 2021

*ART ST LOUIS: Remnants: 2 entries, "Rough Landing" and "Sitting and Waiting" Jan 16th to Feb 17th

*FOUNDRY ART CENTRE: 520 N. Main Center, St Charles MO.  Focal Point 3 entries, "Don't Shoot", "Serene Scene" and "Icy Silence". 2020  Global Impact: One entry. "Tar Apple Tree", 2020

*WEBSTER ARTS: 483 East Lockwood #108, Webster Groves MO.

   Walk About: One entry, "Don't Shoot" Public arts project. Art on vinyl banners, displayed for one week at busy intersections of Webster Groves. 2020.

*SAINT LOUIS ART FAIR:   First Virtual, Saint Louis Art Fair: Sep 2020

*ART ST LOUIS1223 Pine Street, St Louis, Mo. This Moment.... One entry,  "Don't Shoot" 2020   The Exhibition XXXV, one entry "Winter Nest" 2019

*SAINT LOUIS ARTISTS GUILD:  12 North Jackson Ave, Clayton, MO. July 30th to August 23, 2021, Greetings From..... Three entries, "Icy Silence", "Early Migration," and "Serene Scene".  2020   Clearly Human IV: Three entries. "Depression", "Sitting and Waiting", and "Mother and Child", 2020  Outliers: one entry, "Serene Sunset in Tar",  2019

*SOULARD GALLERY: 2028 S 12th Ave  St. Louis Mo.

    Faces: One entry, “Woody”  2020

    Steampunk V:  One entry, “Tar Apple Tree”, 2020

    Would You Love Me as a Pet: one entry, "Gordon",  2019/2021

* GREEN DOOR GALLERY: 21 N. Gore, Webster Groves MO.  TarArt Exhibit, in 2018 

*FRAMATIONSPure Imagination:  Four entries, "Sunset in Tar", "Tar Ravin", "Sitting under a Tree" and "Tar Arch". Oct 23rd to Dec 3rd won THIRD PLACE